Leo Wednesday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, March 17, 2021: Explore new places to find love

Serendipity will help Leos to find solutions to their digestive problems


Leo, you'll have some minor arguments with your partner. It won't be anything serious as you'll discuss trivial matters but you'll feel tense all day long. However, in the evening, you'll both realize that it's not worth being angry with each other and romanticism will take over your relationship again.

The key to preventing disagreements from turning into arguments is to talk and debate calmly and respectfully. Don't interrupt each other when expressing your points of view, finish each other's arguments, and, above all, don't raise your voice and much less disrespect each other.

If single Leos want to find love, they have to explore new places. If you always frequent the same bars, clubs or hang out with the same circle of friends, you won't meet anyone new. Dare to visit places you've never been before!

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You've got lots of ideas for new lines of business but either you lack the money to invest, or they involve moving house. Whatever the reason, you'll put these projects off. The bad thing is that when you decide to carry them out, someone else may have overtaken you. 

Leos who work on architectural or urban planning projects will need to plan their steps carefully and follow them to the letter. Don't leave anything to chance and don't count on your memory too much because it could play tricks on you.


Leos who have been suffering from digestive system problems for months or even years will finally be able to find the solution. It could be a new doctor, naturopath, or book on gut microbiota.

Due to the influence of Uranus, you'll prefer not to make sudden changes that could affect your nervous system.

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