Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, July 17, 2020: See if you repeat patterns in your conquests

Having a good profile on the professional web page will help companies find you according to their needs


They say only human beings stumble twice over the same stone. And yet we don't learn the lesson. And this is exactly your problem, Leo. It's not that all the people you like or all your partners are dumb (to put it mildly)! It's just that you always fall in love with the same kind of people. And of course, the drama is unavoidable.

If you have kids, remember that setting limits is healthy and necessary. Don't let them fool you with their watery eyes or tantrums and reproaches. You're the one in charge and, even if they don't understand it now and get angry with you, it's essential they know the structures of life and society.

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You'll unexpectedly come across a new opportunity. A recruiter from a large company will see your online profile and send you a message with the details of a very tempting offer.

Before you decide to take the step forward, do some research on this company: look for the opinions of its former employees in forums and social networks, search for its website, and read about its values. Also, check if the company is listed on the stock exchange. In short, you'll have to act as a detective and if everything seems right, arrange a meeting to talk about the job offer.

Today will be one of those days when you'll find a money note in your pocket you didn't count on. Such strokes of luck always boost your mood!


If your nails feel a little brittle, it could be due to a lack of some vitamins. If it's not too bad, ask your pharmacy for a supplement, they'll probably recommend brewer's yeast. If you want something more homemade, put your nails in lemon juice every day for a few minutes.