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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, January 17, 2021: You'll be aware of your achievements and skills

Harmony in your family and love in your relationship will make you feel very happy today


With the Moon conjunct Neptune, your most romantic and sensitive side will come to light, which will fill your day with love.

When it comes to your family, it'll be a very quiet day. If you have children, you'll get on well today and nothing will alter the harmony and peace at home. You may have to repeat some things a couple of times, but every family member will assume his/her responsibilities.

It's a good day to spend some time outdoors with your kids and/or partner and do some activities together. Fresh air and contact with nature will help you charge your batteries for the next week.

Single Leos who've been attracted to someone may lose interest in him/her after exchanging opinions and realizing that you and your crush have completely opposite points of view. 

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Analyzing the last few months at work, you'll realize that it's been a long race with many unexpected obstacles. Fortunately, you've been able to overcome them all, and being aware of that will help you understand how strong you are.

Moreover, honesty and putting your heart into everything you do is something that characterizes you. Others may play dirty, but you never fall into their trap. When you do things right, everything finally falls into place. Your integrity is one of your best qualities, be proud of it, Leo.


Your health zone is well aspected, which will make you feel vital and in a good mood. The stars suggest you do some physical exercise outdoors with your friends or family.

Your sexual energy and libido will be very high today. If you have a partner, he/she will satisfy all your needs. 

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