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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, December 17, 2020: You'll be a little reckless at work

You'll be happy thanks to feeling safe at home and having the love of your family


Leo, your bad mood will give way to a more affectionate and loving attitude. With Venus in Sagittarius in sextile to the Moon, you'll be eager to enjoy your time with your partner and family. Of course, better if you spend time at home, with the exception of going to work. 

The best plan for this afternoon is card and board games. Make the remote control batteries disappear mysteriously and introduce your children to the cards. Teach them a popular game and although at first, they may seem bored, soon they'll cheer up and bring out their more competitive side.

When it comes to your partner, your smile and affectionate gestures will strengthen your bond. 

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Leo, you'll get immersed in your inner world and thoughts on various occasions today. Your careless attitude won't let you finish some of your tasks on time and you'll even have to put them off until tomorrow. A colleague may observe you and snitch on you, especially if the mishaps of your tasks affect those of your workmates.

Unemployed Leos will have an interview, which they won't be very enthusiastic about. You won't be eager to be hired and the interviewer will realize that straight away. Therefore, you'll miss this job opportunity, but if you didn't want it in the first place, there's nothing to cry about. 


The stars suggest you take your magical side more seriously. If you've always been attracted to fortunetelling, if you're fascinated by the night sky, have premonitory dreams, and feel a strong connection to nature and the Universe, perhaps you're destined to be a practitioner of witchcraft and magic.

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