Leo Horoscope Monday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Monday, August 17, 2020: Your overflowing energy will help you face the beginning of the week

Mars in Aries encourages you to take up higher studies in case you haven't done it so far


The decisions you've made regarding your projects and your job will wake up the passion inside your partner. Self-confidence is definitely a very sexy trait that most people born under the sign of Leo are blessed with.

This power inside you will encourage you to propose your better half certain activities in the sexual field. Your partner will absolutely love it. Although you may feel embarrassed at first, you'll be able to leave shame aside and enjoy the moment.

Single Leos, persuaded by a friend, will create a profile on a dating app. You'll be surprised by how things have changed due to technological advances. However, you well know that you need to feel the other person's energy if you want to open up. And that only happens once you meet your crush face to face. 

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At work, you'll have to make an analysis of the current situation of the company you work for or your own business if you're self-employed. These are difficult times marked by the global pandemic and you want to be well prepared for the future. 

It's a good time to sign up for that master's degree you've been interested in for years.  You know that you'll have to make a big effort but you'll definitely get a lot of benefit in return (in terms of learning and contacts). If money is a problem, ask several banks for a loan that you could pay back in instalments.

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Monday is definitely not your favourite day but today you'll get up with more energy than usual. Your willingness to face the day and your physical health will be unbeatable.

On a mental level, today you'll set yourself mini goals and won't let anything or anyone distract you until you have achieved them all; well done, Leo!

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