Leo Saturday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, April 17, 2021: You'll find the best bargains and offers

You will have fun experimenting in the bedroom with the new toys


Leo, you'll feel like exploring new pleasurable territories in the bedroom, such as fetishism, unusual or socially unacceptable practices, games, handcuffs, food, postures, disguises, etc.  Your bedroom will become a temple of pleasure where all proposals will be heard and welcomed. You won't impose your will or try to convince your partner of anything; respect and desire will play the main part.

If you think that your bedroom is a boring place to have intimate encounters, talk to your partner and agree on a spicy encounter in a new place, outside the house (for example, on the beach or in a forest). If you're your own boss, maybe your office would be a good place to have intimate relationships. 


Today you'll have a quite conformist attitude, but you'll manage to avoid drama. You'll value what you have and be realistic with your options.  You'll accept your situation and, if you don't like it, you'll start looking for a solution slowly but steadily. 

You won't be good at lying, let alone bragging.  If you boast about qualities and abilities that you don't have, you'll get caught lying. You know what they say: "A liar is sooner caught than a cripple". It's better to be humble and recognize that you lack certain skills, especially if you're applying for a job.

It's a good day for shopping of any kind. Jupiter and Venus will help you find the best bargains and offers on the market. Therefore, you'll be able to buy what you need and continue saving.


If you're unable to concentrate on your meditation practice, help yourself with guided meditations. There are many mobile phone applications or videos on the web that will help you focus on your breathing. You won't get that distracted if you follow certain instructions. 


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