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Leo Horoscope - Saturday, January 16, 2021: Break the old patterns

Get rid of toxic beliefs and attitudes you saw in your childhood that affect your present relationship


Although childhood is a very short period of time, it marks us forever. We adopt a lot of reactions, values, and beliefs at this stage, which become part of our personality. Due to the astral climate, some Leos may realize that they're following certain patterns they saw in their parents, grandparents, or close relatives when they were children.

These attitudes are influencing your relationship with your partner, which you should become fully aware of. Ask yourself if this is how you really want to approach certain issues or if it's something you've "inherited". This is the only way to become the partner you want to be.

This energy will also influence single Leos and you'll be able to see how these old patterns have affected your previous relationships. It's time to take responsibility for your past toxic relationships.

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It'll be a busy day at work and you might get quite stressed.  Even so, you won't lose your focus or concentration and keep working hard so that everything goes smoothly. Although the results may not live up to your expectations, don't be discouraged, your constancy will be rewarded.

If you have discarded or must discard some projects due to lack of time or resources, don't worry about it. Most clients will be waiting for you and others will keep your contact details for later.

The hostile climate between co-workers and superiors will continue if you aren't completely comfortable with your position at work.


The harmonious aspect between Venus and the Moon and Mars will boost your fertility. If you're trying to get pregnant, you're very likely to succeed today.

You won't be in your best mood and may come across as a grumpy person. This could affect those around you as your responses will be quite harsh.

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