Leo Tuesday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, February 16, 2021: Your beauty will attract gazes

You might be blamed for the mistake you haven't made; you'll have to find out who is behind this


Leo, this morning, when you get up and wash your face, you'll realize how beautiful you are. Your reflection in the mirror will boost not only your mood but also your self-esteem. 

This inner sensation will be enhanced when you go out (trying to hide your smile) and notice that people you come across are observing you with interest. Some of them will be more daring than others and you'll even be asked for your phone number. Take advantage of your beauty and confidence to conquer hearts and enjoy feeling attractive.

If you have a partner, your day will be full of compliments and passionate kisses. You'll feel very powerful in the bedroom and know how to take the lead. 

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You'll have to face a mess at work. Mercury retrograde in conjunction with three other planets and square Uranus will trigger technological and human errors. Although you might be blamed for almost all of them, you'll be quite certain that you aren't responsible for any.

When you find yourself cornered by accusations, stand firm and don't let anyone disrespect you. You must get to the bottom of the matter, find out if it was a human failure, who is responsible for it and why you're being blamed.

Leos who have business partners will experience very tense moments and disagreements when trying to make a decision. It won't be a pleasant situation and you'll realize how tired you are of sharing your power in the company.


Your notion of time will be distorted and this Tuesday will fly by, especially because you'll have many funny and mischievous conversations.

Have you ever thought about taking a DNA test to see if you're likely to suffer from any pathology or disease in the future so you can anticipate them?

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