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Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, December 16, 2020: Good atmosphere at work

Someone who doesn't appreciate you might want to hurt you; don't shut yourself off and ask for help


Your secret enemies might want to make your life impossible. They could even end up setting traps and making serious accusations at your expense. Don't try to face up to them alone, Leo. Ask your loved ones to help you find out who those people are and, if necessary, go to the police. 

When it comes to love, external events will make you cold and distant.  Internal concerns and negative thoughts won't let you enjoy your partner's caresses and cuddles.

Your friends won't be able to motivate you either, as you'll turn down all their offers to go out and socialize. 

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Venus will enter Sagittarius and join the Sun, Mercury, and South Node. Moreover, the planet of relations is well-aspected with Jupiter and Saturn. A good atmosphere at work will help you improve your relationship with your colleagues. The time you spend in the office will fly and your initiatives and ideas will be not only rational but also effective. 

You'll be interested in religious and philosophical art; therefore, a visit to a church will fill your day with joy. You'll be able to admire its architecture, paintings, or stained glass windows. An exhibition that reflects on human behavior could also delight your senses.


Your unconsciousness will be too active, and if you don't know how to channel it, it may lead you to personal problems. Everything you've been repressing in the last two years will suddenly come out.  This doesn't mean that you'll be irritable all the time; however, some situations, emotions, and even words will trigger your aggressive reaction from the subconscious.

You'll do your best to avoid confrontations and conflicts, which may lead to psychological disorders. Your Horoscope recommends you try therapy to deal with these inner issues.

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