Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, August 16, 2020: You'll experience a tense confrontation

If you're fed up with your ex-partner's attempts to go through your closet, tell him/her that you'll take legal actions


You're fed up with your ex-partner's attempts to go through your closet.  Don't be surprised if you explode in front of him/her today. If you decide to confront this person face to face, tell them clearly that you no longer want them in your life. If your ex can't stay away from you, make sure he/she knows you'll take legal actions against him/her. 

It'll be a very tense and unpleasant situation, Leo, but once you tell your ex everything that's on your mind, a sense of relief and liberation will take over you.

After this adrenaline rush, some intimate moments with your partner will definitely boost your mood and make your house tremble. 

Single Leos will also enjoy their sexuality despite being on their own. 

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Lately, you've been arguing with your partner about how to organize your company's staff.  Endless rows will lead you to think about making a drastic decision: selling your part of the business and setting up another one on your own. Before you get to this point and act on impulse, hire a mediator or consultant to help you solve your problems.

You'll never manage to save if every time you go to a stationery store, you spend money on notebooks, pens, organizers, and pretty stickers. Do you really need 5 notebooks to keep yourself organized?

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Your disenchantment with the world will be latent. You'll feel sad and sorry that most people don't have a good soul and only care about their own interests and often want to hurt simply because they're bored.

Don't fall apart, Leo! There are many people doing good things for others and for the planet. Perhaps you would feel happier if you supported a cause you believe in.

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