Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, October 15, 2020: Be careful not to turn into a gold digger

Tense astral aspects predict a very stressful and disruptive environment at work


Leo, when it comes to love, you'll be very materialistic today. Your partner's income will suddenly become very important to you. You won't expect him/her to maintain you but you'll make sure that they contribute to the household economy as much as possible. If you have a feeling that this scale is unbalanced and your partner does nothing to solve this situation, you'll get very angry and reproach him/her for that. 

Moreover, you'll remind your loved one that Christmas is about to come and make sure he/she knows about that expensive present you expect. Leo, it's not very typical of you; you've always put love above money. However, it seems that you've got tired of buying lavish gifts and always receiving cheap and impersonal ones. 

If you're single, you may try to conquer someone who has a lot of money even if you don't like him/her much. Yes, today there's a chance you'll turn into a gold digger. 

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Due to the opposition of Mars and the Sun, you'll have to face disagreements at work  as your opinions will be contrary to some of your colleagues. This will make you frown and not want to engage in any conversation for the rest of the workday.

Your actions regarding the economy and finances will be impulsive at first, but before "accepting" the payment or investment, an internal voice will ask you to think about it. Usually, you listen to it, but today's attitude will be "let's see what happens", i.e. total unconcern, which may lead you to do some crazy thing that you're very likely to regret later.

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