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Leo Horoscope - Friday, January 15, 2021: You'll carry out your tasks with passion and enthusiasm

Sun conjunct Pluto will give you an opportunity to open up emotionally in your relationship


When it comes to love, those born under the sign of Leo will be very imaginative and creative. You'll be daydreaming about your future with a perfect partner.

Leos who already are in a relationship or married will have a good day.  You'll be eager to have deep conversations with your partner, tell them what you've been dreaming of, and ask them if they feel the same way towards the relationship. Even some secret issues will come to light and you won't be afraid to talk about them. 

Single Leos will come across someone who will help you achieve one of your personal goals  by providing new ideas and solutions that you haven't thought of before. This will amaze you but you'll have to reflect on whether you're just admiring this person or actually falling in love. 

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You'll feel very motivated to carry out your tasks if you're passionate about the objective. Your inner fire will be channeled towards achieving your goals. You'll spread your enthusiasm and help those around you to focus on their performance.

Those Leos whose job doesn't coincide with their vocation will have to face a tense atmosphere at work. Rumors about layoffs and pay cuts will make everyone nervous.  Try to go unnoticed until you know something for sure. 


You may feel a little depressed, especially if you live far away from your family and haven't been able to go on holiday for quite a long time. You'll need a hug from someone who loves you. If it's not possible, we recommend that you visit a therapist.

Be careful if you wear high heeled shoes today as you may sprain your ankle when the heel gets stuck in a hole. 

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