Leo Monday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Monday, February 15, 2021: You won't jump unless there's a safety net

A good day for outdoor competitive sports; are you up for a race?


The tense aspects in your relationship and marriage area could make you feel attacked all day.  You'll be annoyed and ready to "counter-attack" every time your partner makes a joke that hurts your ego a little. Leo, relax and don't take everything so personally.

Leos who have been dating or chatting to the person they like won't dare to take the next step. Your horoscope suggests you wait for a couple of weeks to make sure you'll get a positive response.

Single Leos will also notice this energy and their fear of rejection will make them more introverted than usual. 

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Due to Saturn square Uranus, your working day will be full of ups and downs. Some of your tasks will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied, and others uncomfortable and sad. You won't be able to decide if you should change your career path.

Don't give it too much thought, Leo. You'll be able to clarify your feelings and take action if necessary next week when Mercury is direct again.

Leos who are self-employed or have their own company will face a lot of instability at work. Some of your projects will be delayed and others will have to be finished earlier.  Arm yourself with patience because you're going to need it.


The Moon in Aries in a harmonious aspect with Jupiter will grant you good health and a lot of vitality to win any sporting contest that takes place outdoors.

On the other hand, Saturn will hide your more cheerful side and you'll be more serious than usual. However, you'll be quite sarcastic and know how to take advantage of it.


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