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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, December 15, 2020: Forget your revenge plans and forgive

You need to move your lower body; cycle or go for a walk and massage your legs to improve your blood circulation


Everything that emerges from your unconsciousness will lead you to vindictive and spiteful attitudes. You may be unloading your accumulated anger and pain on your closest people  without even realizing it. Leo, it could affect your relationships very negatively.

Revenge will only remind you of the person who has hurt you and bring you a momentary spark of satisfaction. You're better than him/her. What will really help you is to forgive. It's only then that you'll let go of that burden of negative feelings that are weighing you down.

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If you continue acting in such an independent way, you're about to split up with your business partner.  Channeling your energies could help you change the situation and improve things. However, if you continue doing things without consensus, your partner won't be eager to continue working with you for a good reason.

It'll be a good day for Leos whose job is related to electricity and the military. If you're a religious person, luck will also be on your side.

You could be mugged today. You'll fight and won't let the thief get away with it. If necessary, run and shout at the top of your lungs until the mugger lets go of your bag and runs away. 


The planetary aspects could lead you to problems of poor blood circulation. Swollen hands and easily broken nails are symptoms that you should beware of.

To improve your blood circulation, go cycling or walking  (the lower part of our body is key to blood return). Avoid very salty foods and trans fats, and intake lots of vitamin C  (citrus fruit, turmeric, tomatoes, ginger, and nuts).

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