Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, August 15, 2020: Knock, knock! You'll get a surprise visit

You'll be eager to spend time in a cozy and comfortable environment with your loved ones


An old friend that lives far away will come to visit your hometown and you'll invite him/her to your house. It'll be an impulsive and generous decision, but once you get home, you'll realize that you should have commented on it to your partner first. Your spouse won't mind, it's just that all that laughing and endless conversations with your childhood friend will make him/her feel threatened. 

You'll have to handle the situation carefully so that your partner doesn't feel left out; otherwise, he/she'll get upset and angry.

Single Leos will continue having little adventures in the love field without creating expectations. A date here, a conversation there, a bit of flirting with an acquaintance - you'll have fun on different fronts, but it's unlikely to lead to something more serious. 

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You won't be able to shut off your mind in the morning. Even though it's Saturday, you'll have to prepare paperwork for the next week. And of course, you'll have to get a head start so that you don't get overwhelmed on Monday. Next time, scan all your documents and bills so you can find them much faster when you need them and save paper at the same time.

You won't spend much money as you'll stay at home for at least half a day. In the evening, instead of going out for a drink, invite some friends over to play board games. Not only you'll enjoy their company and have fun, but also save money. 

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Today you may suffer from athlete's foot. To avoid it, wear open shoes and make sure they're not synthetic. If you're at home, just walk barefoot. After having a shower, pay special attention to this area and dry your feet very well with a cotton towel.

When it comes to your mental health, you'll have mixed feelings today. In the morning, you'll be stressed because of the documentation, and in the afternoon you'll feel happy and relaxed surrounded by your loved ones.