Leo Thursday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, April 15, 2021: You won't waste a minute of your life

You'll be working against the clock, which could lead you to make huge mistakes


Saturn will boost your most demanding side when it comes to heart matters. Time seems to fly, life goes by so fast and you won't be willing to waste another minute of it. You don't want to grow old and regret your decisions. You'll feel that you're missing out on experiences and sensations and this will make you anxious and eager to change your course.

Today your motto will be carpe diem.  Some Leos will decide to take a step further and propose to their partner and others will ask their spouse for a divorce. Whatever your case is, you'll feel relieved and comfortable after you make your decision.

Sudden weather changes could make your child sick and you'll have to stay at home looking after him/her. If your job doesn't let you take a couple of days off, it'll cause you various problems. 


We're immersed in the Internet era and any employer will check your social networks before hiring you. Make sure you have an updated profile and add a portfolio if you work in the field of art or graphic design.

Any mistake you make at work today will be magnified and overshadow all your achievements and victories. Do your tasks slowly but steadily and check everything various times before handing it in so that your mistakes don't become the focus of everyone's attention.

If you've been waiting for a response regarding a scholarship to study abroad, today you'll receive some good news. 


Uranus could play a trick on you and delay your watch. Once you realize it, you'll have no choice but to rush from one place to another. However, be careful;  it's better to be a few minutes late than to have an accident on the way. Let your date know you're running late and be cautious.

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