Leo Horoscope for Sunday on a universe background

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, February 14, 2021: Happiness, passion, and success on this Valentine's Day

Saturn square Uranus will bring unexpected changes that may alter your stability and relationships


Although lately, you've been feeling at odds with the commitment established with your partner due to the Saturn-Uranus square, the other stars with more positive aspects will accompany you on this beautiful Valentine's Day.

Thanks to the conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter in your 7th house,  you'll feel happy, optimistic, and successful in love.  The best way to celebrate this day is to go on a romantic trip with your better half.

Mars sextile Neptune will lead you to sensual and passionate moments.  This transit favors romanticism and single Leos, as well as those in a relationship, should take advantage of it to bond with the person they're in love with. 

Leos who are in the midst of reconciliation will have very different visions of their new relationship, but both of you will be willing to keep talking to work things out.

All the presents you get and give on this day will be more than perfect. 

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The arguments with your partner in the past few days have been mainly caused by the lack of balance between your vocation or life mission and the time you devote to your relationship. In addition, you may have suffered (or will suffer) sudden changes at work that will affect your stability and social status. If you don't accept these changes, you could become obsessed with them and leave no room for anything else.

It's also possible that your attitude changes when you're with certain clients or important people and that this doesn't please your inner circle, which can also lead to break-ups.


Despite being a little confused on a mental level, today you'll prioritize love above all else, which will be a very good choice that will make you feel grateful and happy.

In the afternoon, the Moon in Aries will give you a lot of energy and vitality.


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