Leo Wednesday on a sky background

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, April 14, 2021: You'll uncover your erotic and sensual side

You tend to be very harsh and vindictive when arguing; are you sure you want to be like that?


Some Leos will be tired of getting disappointed in love. Therefore, you'll let go of your romantic side and give way to passion. You'll be eager to live wild adventures with no strings attached. In addition, Venus will boost your eroticism and sensuality, which will help you meet new people willing to have fun and enjoy carnal pleasures.

You'll be in the mood for something special and won't want to miss it for anything in the world. However, once you tell your partner about it, it'll seem more like an order than a proposal. This dictatorial attitude is neither healthy nor the best way to express your desires. Instead, explain to your spouse why this event is so important to you with excitement and respect.


Take advantage of the last day of Venus in your 9th house of the chart to close international agreements or participate in religious and charitable group activities. 

It's also a good time to book that far away trip that you've been thinking about for months. It'll be an impulsive decision but it'll fill you with joy.

On the other hand,  the tense aspects of the stars in your work area could lead you to disputes over economic issues, valuation or communication.  You'll feel undervalued and underpaid and poor communication in the company or public employment service won't help you solve your problems.


The Moon conjunct Lilith will increase your desire for freedom. You'll be ready to break ties and enjoy your sexuality without taboos, although you'll also become a little manipulative.

You'll be very nervous and vindictive. If you get involved in an argument, be careful with your words because they could be too harsh and destroy the self-esteem of the person in front of you.

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