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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, October 13, 2020: Be careful with your words

Nothing to fear on this Tuesday 13th; focus on the way you express yourself rather than on superstitions


Leo, today's romantic astral plane will lead you to exchange glances with a stranger on public transport. You'll be eager to flirt and live romantic experiences.

However, be careful as you'll be surrounded by negative energy. Some people will see your kindness as a weakness and may take advantage of you. And such beginnings may only lead to a toxic relationship.

Before you open up to someone, make sure this person is loyal, trustworthy, and kind.

A very close friend who is like a family member to you will ask you for a piece of advice and you'll spend hours talking to him/her on the phone tonight. Try to understand your mate's concerns and be careful with your words so you don't cut corners and hurt his/her feelings. 

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Be careful because your desire to succeed will be excessive this Tuesday and you'll be willing to be at the top at any price, even if you have to step over your workmates. Tense planetary aspects will have a negative influence on you and if you're not cautious, you may lose not only money but also people you've considered to be your friends.

Your lack of manners and rudeness may lead you to big trouble.  If you work attending the public, your bigoted attitude may be a cause for dismissal. Be careful with your language, Leo.

Impulsive purchases and investments you make today are doomed to failure and loss of income. Leave your credit cards at home so you don't fall into temptation.

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You won't think much about your actions or verbal responses and react on impulse to anything that bothers you today. 

The stars foresee unplanned pregnancies, especially when it comes to young inexperienced Lionesses. Always use a condom not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy but also to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Be responsible and aware of your decisions and actions.

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