Leo Horoscope Friday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Friday, November 13, 2020: You won't let anybody manipulate you

Don't be afraid to confront your friends; sometimes letting go is the best decision you can make


Leo, you'll have to face a confrontation with a friend or neighbor that will mark you very much and make you rethink who your real friends are.

That friend who has always been criticizing you "constructively" was actually dragging you down by spreading his/her negative vibes. 

Be careful as someone you know quite well could be trying to persuade you to break up with your partner  by talking badly about him/her. Don't get carried away by other people's opinions and reflect on this issue from an independent point of view.

This will be a turning point and you'll realize that you've been surrounded by toxic people or lived in a toxic place. Leo, it's time to start valuing yourself and separate or move out to recover a part of your essence.

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You'll realize that most of the things you've bought lately are useless and don't add any value to your life. Having more doesn't mean being happier.  You can get rid of the objects you don't really need by donating them to charity.

However, it's also possible you'll break a couple of plates and cut up that new T-shirt that still has its label on. It could actually help you to channel some negative energy. 

It's not the best time for the real estate market, but if you investigate and keep searching, you'll find the home of your dreams.

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Flowers always brighten up the atmosphere and buying some colorful ones that smell good will also brighten your mood. If you aren't good with them, choose the ones that don't require much care, such as crass plants, pothos, or cacti. If you want something more complicated, roses or seasonal flowers will be perfect.