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Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, January 13, 2021: New habits and routines at work and in health

If you want to evolve, you have to act differently when facing the same stimuli


When it comes to your love life, it'll be a contradictory day. On the one hand, you'll experience glorious moments in your sex life, but on the other, you won't be able to fully understand each other with your partner in terms of decision making.

Don't take it badly,  it's a perfect moment to learn how to avoid tension in the relationship. Instead of reproaching your partner and acting defensively, you have an opportunity to take some deep breaths, look at the argument from another perspective, and calmly settle this issue.

Single Leos will realize that a close bond has prevented them from creating a stable relationship on several occasions and will break this vicious circle.

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Leo, at work, you won't be willing to adapt to changes, ideas, and projects that your colleagues will present. This will create an uncomfortable and tense atmosphere within your team, which will lack a rational basis. You just won't feel like following anyone's orders. However, you have to be careful. If you aren't more flexible, you could lose your job.

It's been a long time that your astral energy has been in Capricorn, your work and routine area. At dawn, the new Moon in Capricorn (without Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn but with the presence of the Sun and Venus) will benefit you and you'll be finally able to have a routine that you feel comfortable with and a job that will help you earn more money.

Also, Mars in harmonious aspect to Venus in your vocation area will allow you to start fighting for your dreams and that lifestyle and profession you've always wanted to have.


Do you want to start a diet, a new exercise routine, learn a new skill, adopt a pet, take the first steps to learn to meditate, or take up a new sport?  It's the best day of the year to create a new habit!

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