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Leo Horoscope - Sunday, December 13, 2020: A new friendship will impress you

You'll learn valuable lessons on your way to success; don't despair, you're about to achieve your goal


You and your partner will experience a strong sexual attraction  as if you were two inseparable magnets. Physical contact will be very important to express your love and affection. You'll expect your partner to focus all his/her attention on you and if that doesn't happen, you could even manipulate your other half to achieve what you want.

Single Leos may get immersed in a dangerous and complicated love triangle, in which one of the parties is married. Watch out, Leo, because the third party could do you a lot of harm, not only emotionally but also physically.

You'll meet someone who has certain abilities to experience paranormal situations and you'll be fascinated by everything he/she will explain to you. You'll bond deeply with this person and change some friendship paradigms.

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When you travel, you always buy a little souvenir to remember the place you've visited. However, if you keep all of them in the back of a drawer, it doesn't make any sense. Display them in a place where they can convey happiness.

When it comes to your career, you feel that you haven't reached the top yet and sometimes you're disappointed with yourself (especially if you're unemployed). However, stop and look at everything you've already achieved. There is not so much left. Every obstacle along the way is preparing you for the future, and even if you're impatient to get there, remember to enjoy the journey, as it's also beautiful and full of valuable lessons.


Have you noticed that you are slouching? Your vertebrae are asking for an urgent massage. Besides, bad posture gives you headaches and neck pain. Make an appointment with your trusted physiotherapist and get rid of that tension in your back.

The stars will give you a lot of power and sexual energy that you should take advantage of.

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