Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, August 13, 2020: You'll need to relax and switch off

Have your phone next to you all day as you'll get an unexpected call regarding the job you've applied for


Leo, we're all surrounded by superior energies that control everything around us. Nothing happens by chance. You'll have to work on your self-confidence to accept and love yourself as you are.  You'll also have to accept all the changes that are coming to your life regarding your relationship, friends, and workmates.

You'll definitely need a couple of days off to disconnect from everything and everyone to extend this transformation to every cell of your body.  A spiritual retreat, even if only for a weekend, would benefit you greatly.

If you've got children, you'll also need a moment on your own. Don't feel bad about it; leave them with their mum/dad or ask a family member to look after them for the weekend. 

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You're very likely to get a phone call saying that you've passed a job interview that you've had recently.  However, in order to be hired, you'll need you to take a psycho-technical and a foreign language test. How are you doing with the latter? If you haven't been practicing lately, urgently review the most basic grammar and vocabulary.

In addition, there are many applications that will help you get back on track. Another useful tip is to watch movies or series in the original language. 

Leo, you need to change your computer,  because no matter how often you mend it, it still works very slowly. To get some extra money, ask your boss if you can work overtime. Otherwise, you'll have no other choice but to borrow money or sell some valuable personal items.

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Your mind is about to explode and you feel the need to go somewhere far away to scream your head off. You can do that or go to the local gym and hit a punching bag to burn off the negative energy and get some exercise.

You need a few days of relaxation to regain your mental health.