The sign of Leo with a black starred background

Leo Horoscope - Friday, March 12, 2021: You'll be influenced by others' decisions

You'll dive into the imaginative waters of Pisces and spend the day daydreaming


With the four stars in Piscis, including your ruler, your sense of identity will diminish and you'll prefer your partner to take the lead and decide what you're going to do and see this Friday. You'll let everyone else decide for you and simply go along without complaining. 

Single Leos should be especially careful today.  Don't be fooled by the people you don't know and don't trust. You could be deceived or something even worse.

You'll have very spiritual conversations. You'll observe your interlocutors and reflect on what you like about them and what you can integrate into your personality or routine.

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At work, you'll be quite absent-minded and when your superiors tell you off, instead of apologizing, you'll act in an irritable and satirical way, which will make the situation even worse. Thus,  it's not a good day for public relations or negotiations  of any kind.

You'll tend to evade your tasks and responsibilities, and if someone questions you, you'll tell lies and make up excuses.

This energy may lead you to the loss of your business partners or companies. You won't try to stop them, instead, you'll open the door wide for them to leave your life.


In your free time,  you'll daydream about new projects that you could carry out with your partner or your family. You'll idealize the results of these resolutions and imagine a perfect future full of happiness.

This idea of a wonderful future may make you feel a little frustrated and angry with your present. Try to keep your feet on the ground; otherwise, you'll lose perspective and the sight of all the good things you have to be grateful for today.

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