Leo Horoscope Sunday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, July 12, 2020: Turn your hobby into extra money

People always approach you due to your special vibration and big heart; you must learn to set energetic boundaries


The planets suggest you commit to your relationship. If you already have a partner and you've been through ups and downs lately, it's time to sit down and talk about making more effort in order to improve your relationship and get rid of reproaches. 

Single Leos who have already been on more than one date and start falling for their crush should take a step forward and suggest starting a relationship. 

It'll be a perfect Sunday to enjoy the children and all your family. An afternoon of board games will help you have a great time and deepen your bond with each other. 

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Leo, you should sit down today and organize the family economy for the next week. We know that Maths isn't your best talent (although it doesn't mean you aren't good at it), but if you spend some time working out how much money you can spend next week, you'll have better control over your economy, which will help you save more. 

Magic crystals and stones, as well as other mystical objects, have always been a part of your life, so why not turn this hobby into a way of making extra money? You can make earrings, necklaces, and other jewellery from gemstones and sell them.

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Leo, you're a highly empathetic person and always understand other people's problems. You put yourself in their shoes and try to give the best possible advice. It's great that people trust you and come to you for help but you must learn to put up a wall.

Learn to release and empty yourself of other people's energies after an intense conversation so that they don't affect you on a personal level.