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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, January 12, 2021: Passion will take over you

It's a good day to start therapy and heal old wounds caused by your father or a toxic ex-partner


You'll be willing to start a new romance.  Fieriness and passion will take over you and you'll be able to attract various people (even those who already have a partner). If you're in a relationship that hasn't been formalized yet, it's a great day to define your union and present it to the world.

Single Leos will be eager to talk about their achievements, skills, and material goods. Try to be more humble when you chat with someone you like; otherwise, you may come across as a quite arrogant person and your crush will lose interest in you. 

You also have to be careful when getting to know new people as there is someone who wants to take refuge in your arms, and it's not your responsibility to save or rescue anyone.

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If you're about to rent or buy a property, you'll face certain obstacles. Some problems will make you suspicious of the impending contract and you might consider backing out.

Unemployed Leos  will notice that several employers are interested in their online profiles. You'll be a selected candidate for some great positions. Soon you'll receive some good news.

You may have to deal with an unexpected expense, but it won't be a big sum of money so you'll be able to pay it without any problems. 


Today's astral configuration allows you  to heal your old wounds related to the episodes of your life when a man has hurt you. It may be your ex who has undermined your sense of self-worth, which has led you to be afraid to fall in love again. Or an overbearing father who forced you to live the life he wanted for you but not the one you desired. It may have been a toxic partner who always messed with your appearance and that's why you have so many body hang-ups.  It's a perfect day to talk it over with a psychologist.

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