The Leo sign surrounded by stars

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, December 12, 2020: Your popularity will take off

You're so focused on your work that you haven't noticed that someone around you has a crush on you


You'll live the dream of any teenager: to be the most popular person at work and in your group of friends. The planet of love will positively influence you and bless you with an irresistible halo. Moreover, yesterday's arrogant attitude will fade away to make way for generosity, which will increase positive opinions about you.

When it comes to your relationship, kind words will flow and you'll admire each other. You'll also feel lucky to have someone so special by your side to share this journey called life.

Single Leos have been so focused on their work that they haven't noticed that there's someone by their side who is in love with them.  This person is quite shy and has been very subtle about his/her feelings; it's time to open your eyes, Leo! 

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It's a lucky day for all the professionals of the local communication sector: journalists and announcers of the local newspapers or radio.

If you're a student, ask your friends or classmates to help you. Creating a study group for a specific topic will benefit you greatly and help you to remember the concepts when making a presentation or sitting an exam.


Emotionally, it'll be a happy day thanks to your optimism. Spending time with your friends chatting about old times and telling anecdotes will make you laugh out loud.

When it comes to your physical health, talking all day long will take its toll on you and you'll end up with a sore throat. Therefore, you shouldn't force your vocal cords or raise your voice in conversations. Before you go to bed, have a cup of herbal tea with propolis and ginger.


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