Leo Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, November 11, 2020: Your fascinating oratory will convince anyone

With the entrance of Venus in Scorpio in your 4th house, you'll become the psychologist of your friends and family


Leo, when you ask your friends, children, or other family members how they are doing, it won't be enough to hear the answer "fine". You'll be eager to know how they're really feeling and delve into their concerns. You can play the role of an impromptu psychologist and help them resolve their concerns and make better decisions.

Single Leos will notice that someone is trying to seduce the person they like. You thought you've already conquered him/her, but this will make you show your claws and fight for what you want. You'll give gifts and say romantic things to win your crush's heart.  

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Your personal image will be very powerful and appealing, and your clear words will be concise and honest. The stars will give you a halo of guidance, so if you work in a team, you'll take the initiative in a new (or ongoing) project and become "the boss" without realizing it.

Leo, your oratory will enthrall and convince anyone; therefore, take advantage of this energy and ask for better conditions at work, either for yourself or for a group you belong to. It's time to unite your co-workers and demand improvements and the restoration of your rights. And, if you don't have a labor union, maybe it's time to create one.

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Your mind will ask you for stimulation and intellectual activities, so read more, watch documentaries, attend lectures or colloquiums full of intellectuals. Above all, you'll feel attracted by the following subjects: the unconscious world, the beyond, mysticism and spirituality, karma, past lives, and occultism.

On a physical level, Mars will help you have the necessary energy and desire to recover and move forward.