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Leo Horoscope - Monday, January 11, 2021: Trust your hunches; you're on the right track

Problems that your family members are dealing with will make you feel uncomfortable and frustrated


Leo, you won't be able to stand still and feel like moving or traveling. Your rebellious attitude will make you want to live without any attachments. Your emotions will be changeable and drastic. Also, you won't be able to express your feelings, so your partner will find it very hard to understand you properly.

Your sister or brother (if you have one) or your neighbors will be dealing with unexpected problems related to arguments or accidents. You'll find it very difficult to keep calm and end up feeling frustrated. 

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It's a good day to start an original business project, to write a book, or to take the necessary steps to change your job. The stars will be on your side if these actions bring you closer to your dream career.

Your intuition will be the factor that will help you succeed where others fail. You'll manage to see beyond, project yourself into the future, and achieve what others cannot. Leo, follow your gut and you won't regret it  because that money you need so much is on its way.

Those who work for others will have a quiet day. The atmosphere in the workplace will be pleasant and your superiors and colleagues will be in a good mood. 


The strong planetary energies will affect your circulatory system and you may suffer from an irregular heartbeat.  If it happens more than once and you feel dizzy, call your health center urgently.

When it comes to your mental health, your sudden emotional changes will lead you to stress. Therefore, before you say the first thing that comes to your mind, think about it, write it down, and read it. Leave it on "pause" and if you still feel the same way after a couple of hours, try to communicate it in the kindest possible way.

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