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Leo Horoscope - Friday, December 11, 2020: Nostalgia will take over you

Your brain needs training too; why don't you try doing some sudokus or crossword puzzles?


Today's energies will take you back to the past and you'll remember times when, according to you, you were happier. A song in the background of a coffee shop or a perfume of a stranger will remind you of your ex-partner that no longer is a part of your life and make you relive strong emotions.

Our mind is complex and fascinating; and it tends to keep only positive memories of some stages of our lives. Don't get it wrong, Leo, it's likely that you weren't happier than now, but simply kept the good memories. 

Turn it into something positive and think about all your personal evolution since then and the good things that have happened to you. Go back to the present and be grateful for everything that happened then and everything you have now.

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Your arrogant attitude at work won't be of much help today.  You'll criticize and see the bad side of every task your colleagues are working on (especially those ones you've never liked too much). However, before you give your opinion, you should think about your own work and how you could improve it. Therefore, don't be surprised if someone in your department tells you to shut up because of your fussy attitude.

You could save money by using the discount coupons you get at the supermarkets when you make your purchase or those you have in your e-mail box. The truth is that you have no idea about it and you could get much more out of it.


Mens sana in corpore sano, Leo.  Feeding your brain is very important to be mentally agile and improve your memory.  The classic intelligence or board games, riddles, and sudokus will help you achieve this purpose.

When you have a few free minutes, instead of checking your social networks for the twelfth time, challenge yourself and try to complete a complex puzzle.

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