Leo Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, August 11, 2020: You'll be very direct regarding love requests

The inharmonic aspects of the stars in your area of work and authority will lead you to disputes in your office


The tension between Mercury and Uranus will affect your character today. You're one of the most sympathetic signs of the Zodiac and always put yourself in other people's shoes. However,  today, you'll be very direct with your words and you won't apologize for anything.

You'll tell your partner what you want and how you want it to be done. You'll dot the i's and cross the t's and make sure all your requests are clear and firm. You'll take advantage of this attitude to tell your partner everything that you aren't completely satisfied with: the distribution of the household chores, holiday destination, and your sexual preferences. 

Single Leos will clean up their smartphone address book and delete their ex-partner's number once and for all. You'll be determined to find someone else who can love you in the only way you deserve, the best.

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At work, your team is likely to get an earful from your boss because someone hasn't done his/her job well. It's an unfair situation but it's not the time to point the finger at anyone as it would only make the atmosphere worse. Suppress your anger until the end of your working day and then let it out. Don't take it home with you.

You have some jewellery that is part of your past and that you're very fond of. However, the energy of the universe encourages you to get rid of it since it has very negative energy.

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Do you really have no time for sports or are you just good at coming up with excuses not to?  And of course, the Taurus waning quarter moon will lead you to believe that you'll start getting in shape next Monday (which will never come). Don't listen to the lazy voice of your ego and start today. You must take your physical health much more seriously.

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