Leo Sunday on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Horoscope - Sunday, April 11, 2021: An interesting project on its way

If you want others to follow you, you must set an example first


The challenge that Leos will have to face today will be external to their relationship. Your economic situation isn't at its best as you've accumulated old and new debts. The delays of some payments will worsen your mood and make you feel very frustrated. However, in these moments you and your partner should act as a team and not let anger take over you.

You know it isn't healthy or good for you to check the social networks of your ex-partner or that platonic love that has rejected you. Your imagination won't help you turn the page; on the contrary, it'll cause you more pain. To avoid this, meet your best friend for a chat or do some exercise together to focus on other things and forget about your broken heart.

If you want your children to have the values you're trying to teach them, you have to set an example first. It's no use telling them to be honest and then tell lies to the people around you.


An informal lunch or after-dinner conversation will lay the groundwork for a very interesting future business with many possibilities. In addition, you'll be able to trust these people and feel like doing something together, hand in hand. This will give you a greater sense of tribe.

However, not everyone in the group will agree and some might even call you crazy. These people will try to destroy all the enthusiasm and excitement that has come out of this new project, simply because they're afraid to take that step. Stick to your position and your convictions.


Mixing different fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages will take its toll on you and  you'll have a horrible hangover this morning. Moaning about headaches and stomach aches won't make you feel any better. Try to control and even avoid these situations in the future if you want to improve your health. 

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