Leo Horoscope - Sunday, January 10, 2021: A friend will ask you for advice on entrepreneurship

You need to rest and regain your energy; otherwise, you won't be able to do anything next week


The stars will enhance one of your most striking characteristics: your romanticism and taste for flirting. Today you'll have a great time conquering hearts.

And, although we know that you don't like to lose, you should fear nothing because any bet on love you make today will end up in a clear victory. That's why Leos in a stable relationship could be also tempted to enter into this game of flirting (although it won't be anything serious). 

When single Leos start talking to someone they like, they'll be pleasantly surprised as their crush will turn out to be a very interesting person with the same philosophy of life. 

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Your entrepreneurial side and your fire element usually don't let you act in the most prudent way. However, today you'll avoid reproaching your business partners regarding the investments you don't agree with and that make you quite angry. You'll be eager to have a peaceful Sunday and clear things up tomorrow morning.

A friend will tell you that he/she has a lot of ideas regarding various projects and be eager to know your opinion  about them. Be sincere but gentle with your words as this person's dreams are very shaky.

Some Leos will notice a tremendous desire to change certain aspects of their home, whether it's redecorating, painting, changing the atmosphere, etc.


You'll lack energy at the end of the day and feel tired both physically and mentally. Don't feel bad if you want to do nothing in the afternoon and in the evening, as you need to recover your energy. Spending the afternoon on the couch watching movies or TV shows will help you relax and regain physical energy.

Make yourself a green shake to obtain extra minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

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