Leo Horoscope for Wednesday on a universe background

Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, February 10, 2021: Your patience will reach its limits

The Universe will give you an opportunity to retake your relationship with someone from your past


Some Leos are going through a rough patch because their hearts have been broken or they've experienced a very unpleasant situation in love. Stop suffering and putting yourself down with your self-destructive thoughts. Use the transforming energy of pain and turn it into greater self-esteem, so that if something similar happens to you again, you know how to react. 

You may meet someone you fell in love with in the past. Whether it was reciprocated or not, you didn't have an opportunity to start a relationship back then. However, if you show interest and let yourself go, there's a chance of a beautiful love story. 

Leos in a relationship will be busy doing their own thing, which won't bother their partner as he/she will be also immersed in their own matters. 

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There are six stars in Aquarius and all of them are in tense aspects with Uranus and Mars. Therefore, every time your boss approaches you today, you'll feel like a thousand volts were running through your body. Your patience has reached its limits and you'll crush anybody who comes between you and your goals.

Naturally, your attitude may lead you to arguments with your superiors and business partner, but you won't care about it much.  You'll feel proud of yourself for speaking your mind.  Your language will be hostile and your words will be like daggers that kill others' egos.


The almost new moon in Aquarius will encourage you to let go of anything that stands between you and freedom.  You're about to have a great opportunity to change things and you'll notice this new energy. Make sure you find time to relax and regain your self-control.

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