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Leo Horoscope - Thursday, December 10, 2020: Your self-esteem could be mistaken for vanity

You will try to win any argument, which will only lead you to trouble; try to be more humble


Leo, your ego will be so big that if your partner or someone you like will tell you how beautiful you are, your answer will be: "Thanks, I know". You won't need anyone to tell you compliments to feel good about yourself.  Your self-esteem will be higher than ever and comments and gestures of the people around you will help to reinforce it even more. 

If you feel that there's unresolved conflict with your dad, it's a good day to have a conversation with him. It can be in person or in writing if he's no longer a part of your life. You have to vent all that anger, reproach, and unspoken things that you hold deep in your soul.

The communication with your children won't be smooth today. They'll neither understand you nor you will understand them, and you'll end up punishing them.

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You may have to face a financial problem, which will end up in a debt. You'll have to make sacrifices and sell some of your possessions to be able to pay for your expenses. This problem will deeply affect your sense of security. You have to remember that in life everything is possible and nothing is safe. 

Money comes and goes, Leo, it has its own cycles. What you have to make sure that you still feel safe even if you have nothing. The difficulty that you'll face today will help you practice the art of detachment from the material.


Your self-confidence may overwhelm you and lead you to discussions and even fights with other people who will confuse your confidence with vanity. You'll be eager to win all the arguments and won't give up until you achieve it.

Regarding your physical health, be careful in your house as you could trip over something and hurt yourself. 

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