Leo Saturday on a sky background with shooting stars

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, April 10, 2021: Your health will improve immensely

Single Leos won't be interested in love and they'll simply enjoy having fun with their friends


Some Leos will take advantage of this Saturday to talk to their family members and confess to them that they have a new partner or have recently broken up. Don't worry, they'll support you whatever your case is. 

Single Leos won't be very optimistic regarding love and prefer to invite their friends over to talk, play games or watch a movie together. Romantic love won't be on your mind until a friend shows you a picture of his/her new partner. You'll feel very happy for your mate but sad that you haven't found your better half yet.


Leo, what is success for you? Is it recognition, applause from others or earning a lot of money? You should reflect on this concept and on what it implies in your life. For some people, success is being able to have a full fridge and a home. But, for you, it's about having the very best, and if you can't have it, you don't feel successful at all. 

This kind of mentality will make you unhappy. It's one thing to have realistic aspirations and strive for your goals, and completely different to spend your life frustrated until you get the fastest car on the market. Reflect your values.

You'll buy something very expensive unilaterally without consulting the people around you, which will generate a great conflict.


If knee pain is a burden when it comes to exercise, go for water sports. There are underwater spinning classes, for example, where cycling is much lighter and much more fun.

If you generally suffer from varicose veins and pain in the extremities, you'll feel much better today. However, even if you feel great improvement, don't give up on the massages or specific creams recommended by your doctor.

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