Leo Horoscope Thursday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, October 1, 2020: You'll fill the day with romanticism and loving details

Your intuition will be at its best, which will help you know your crush's deepest feelings


Leo, you'll be a romantic dreamer today due to the last day of Venus in your sign. You'll expect your partner to feel exactly the way you do and do the unthinkable to express your love and affection. 

If you're single, you'll receive a lot of attention from various suitors and you'll have to choose who you'd like to start something with. Once you make up your mind, you'll do everything in your power to make sure this person falls for you, too.

The stars will enhance your intuition, which will help you know your crush's deepest feelings. 

However, you'll have to be careful. You'll focus so much on expressing your affection that you may lose yourself at some point. 

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If your work routine has become very dull, any interesting task that has nothing to do with your position will catch your attention today. You could even find a couple of new hobbies.

You'll get windfall profits that may come from your investments or savings commissions at the bank.

It's a perfect day to buy beauty and fashion products to improve your self-image. Leo, try out the colors and textures that you've never used before; you'll be surprised at how well they fit. However,  a sensual and confident attitude will definitely be your best accessory.

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There is a type of dance called free dance that you could try this Thursday to release your suppressed emotions. It'll also help you relax your body, boost your self-esteem, and remove energy blocks.

Your skin will be sensitive to some fabrics, which may cause a rash as an allergic reaction. Wear clothes made of cotton or natural fibers as much as possible.

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