The Leo sign

Leo Horoscope - Monday, March 1, 2021: Slow down your hectic routine

The Midheaven in your natal chart will help you to find out what is your vocation and your mission in life


Leo, it may not be a splendid day in love, as a little misunderstanding or gesture will annoy you at certain times of the day. However, it can't be always perfect because it would be boring. The truth is that even if you disagree with your partner, you'll immediately talk with each other and solve any problem. If you do your best, it'll be a romantic day. Don't let little things spoil your mood and show all the love you feel. 

The singles of the sign have the Moon in Libra on their side to establish very fluid communication with whomever they want. However,  if you're looking for love, the stars point out that you'll find it in a cultural event such as an exhibition or a play. Dare to go alone and you might meet someone special.

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You'll feel a little lost today.  You don't dislike where your career is, but you don't feel a hundred percent fulfilled either. It simply doesn't feel like it's your passion or your vocation. However, as you don't know what is, you won't be able to make any changes. Don't get overwhelmed, Leo. You still have lots of things to try and discover. 

There are people who find their vocation at an early age, and others when they're much older. What you can't do is get depressed and stop trying. Keep doing what you're doing and look into your birth chart; it'll guide you. 


You'll feel very restless and may even get nervous tics. You won't manage to channel your energy, which will make you quite clumsy. Therefore,  try to slow down today, even if it means being late to places. Otherwise, you may get hurt.

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