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Leo Horoscope - Wednesday, July 1, 2020: You'll have fun flirting

You'll come up with some great ideas about how to make money without making too much effort


The Moon's entry into Scorpio will affect your emotional balance. Even if you try to look at your relationship from an objective point of view, you'll be invaded by insecurities and jealousy. You'll wonder why your love isn't requited when you always give your best. However, what you have to realize is that people express their feelings in different ways. Leo, just because someone doesn't love you exactly the way you do, it doesn't mean that they love you less. 

If you're single, you'll spread a special magnetism today. You'll come across as a mysterious and passionate person. If you don't feel like being tied down, have fun flirting and meeting new people.

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The harmonic aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus will make you look for new ways to earn more money. You'll engage in conversations with people who make much more money than you do and look for information and innovative ideas.

If you have a job, you'll feel safe and comfortable, so there will be no surprises today. However,  if you're unemployed and looking for one,  it's time to present your own project related to new technologies or online work.


You'll be determined to stick to your healthy routines that you've proposed yourself to follow. However, today at some point you may feel anxious and eat something you know is not good for you. It's okay, just try to understand what made you act on impulse and how you feel about it. 

Maybe you're being too strict with yourself. How about one night a week you make an exception and have a cheat day so you can eat that pizza or burger you love so much without any remorse?