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Leo Horoscope - Friday, January 1, 2021: Don't think about tomorrow; just relax and enjoy today

Having new goals for this year is great, but if you need money to start with, remember not to exceed your monthly budget


The natal Mercury-Pluto conjunction square Mars in your health area will lead you to very intense and even threatening thoughts. You may be too critical of yourself and those around you. Try to relax and don't think about what this new year will be like. Focus on what you can do to be happy on this first day of 2021.  

You could also snap at your partner if he/she tries to make jokes to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Is that really the way you want to start a new year, LeoTake the heat out of serious issues and politics and enjoy your partner's love and attention.

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Due to the deep aspect that we've mentioned before,  you'll be interested in conspiracy theories. You could spend hours investigating something that attracts your attention. 

It's a good day to meet up with your childhood friends, especially those you always say you should have a coffee with but never end up meeting. Take the first step and invite them for a drink. You may not only regain a friend but also find a new job thanks to him/her. 

Your new goals for 2021 may lead you to buy several objects while sitting on the couch and simply using your cellphone. The stars predict that you'll spend more than you should and it's not the best time to exceed your budget.


You may find peace in gardening (especially if you have a bit of a hangover from last night). Also, with the waning moon, it's an excellent day for a successful transplanting of the plants or growing small trees (like bonsai). You'll be able to connect on a vibrational level with these living beings and you'll find refuge and concentration in them.

If you aren't good with plants and just have plastic ones, take advantage of this day and go for a walk in nature to recharge your energy.

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