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Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, December 1, 2020: You'll spread positive vibes

Be aware of your purchases and don't become a victim of publicity and marketing


Your aura will vibrate high and you'll be eager to spread your positive vibes and make everyone around you laugh, especially your family and children (if you have any). Your good mood will help you create a happy atmosphere at home. 

You'll know how to lift anyone's spirits, including that friend of yours who is going through a rough patch and needs less drama and more laughter in his/her life.

Single Leos will be so willing to flirt with anyone that catches his/her attention, that you'll turn into a rom-com character and leave your true personality aside. Leo, you can't forget about yourself! You'll only be able to conquer hearts if your actions and personality are coherent; overacting won't help you achieve it. 

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Sometimes we fall into the trap of consumption due to intense advertising, especially nowadays, when it's really persuasive and even invasive. You have a lot of items at home that you don't use. Why do you keep your old cell phones in a drawer? Damaged or unused objects drain the energy from your home. Don't throw them away, there are companies that take care of recycling and donate the benefits to NGOs.

At work, due to the Capricorn energies in the triple conjunction with Mars, conflicting opinions between your bosses and colleagues will create a very tense atmosphere. Try not to get involved in their arguments.


Transmitting (not explaining) your emotions to others is something you're really great at, like absorbing other people's energies. Although you'll have a good day today, before going to bed take a shower and visualize how all the negative stuff goes down the drain as the water falls from above. It'll help you sleep better.


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