Leo Horoscope Saturday 2020

Leo Horoscope - Saturday, August 1, 2020: Leave the drama for Hollywood

Jupiter's favorable aspects will be reflected in your economy; reward yourself for the hard work you've done


You know that to make a relationship work, you have to be constant and take care of it every single day. Today you'll be willing to surprise your partner.  Send him/her photos that you took when you just started dating or make a candlelit dinner. These romantic and effective ideas will help you relight the fire in your relationship.

You have a unique way of showing your love and affection and your partner will appreciate it a lot. You'll have a great time laughing and having fun. Enjoy the moment and don't think about tomorrow.

If you're a single Leo but you're getting to know someone, your imagination could play tricks on you. You may think that your crush doesn't answer your messages because he/she isn't interested in you, but you're wrong. They may simply be busy. Stop making movies in your head and relax a little!

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As it's the first day of the month, you'll sit down to organize your monthly budget. After adding up all your fixed expenses and setting aside an amount for variable ones (such as food or entertainment), you'll realize that this month you have more money than you thought.  This is great news!

The best thing to do is not to put it into your bank account as paying by a debit card you don't really notice how your money disappears. Keep 50% of that extra money in a secret place next to your savings at home. And do whatever you want with the other half. If you feel like pampering yourself, you can definitely afford it this month. 

If you usually don't work on Saturdays,  today you'll have to go to your office as there will be a problem you'll have to solve. 

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Did you know that your tongue says a lot about your health?  That whitish, sticky coating on the end of your tongue may indicate that you have an infection. Visit your doctor as soon as possible and, until then, brush your teeth after every meal (as you should always do) and gargle with warm water and baking soda for two minutes twice a day.

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