Leo Horoscope for Thursday

Leo Horoscope - Thursday, April 1, 2021: Eliminate distractions to improve productivity

You'll be attracted to the opposite and different; and passionate conversations will generate magnetism


Leo, today your partner will seem hesitant regarding your future. He/she will have doubts not because they don't love you or don't see the future with you. Your loved one will feel generally down and need your optimism and creativity to start feeling more hopeful again.

Leos who have recently started dating someone will be surprised by how much they're attracted to this person.  You'll be struck by all those things that you don't have in common and your different points of view.

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You need to be fully productive this Thursday, especially if the deadline for your project is coming up. We recommend that you leave your cell phone in the locker or, if that's not possible, turn off notifications on all apps and turn off internet data.

Avoid prolonged lunch or chats during the coffee breaks with your colleagues. This will be especially difficult for you because one of them has had a busy weekend and will want to let off steam.

If you're one of those who are on vacation or on a long weekend, make sure you have a fixed budget for the expenses for these days.  The immense desire to travel or go out could make you waste a lot of money.


You've been dealing with that chronic problem without following your doctor's instructions to the letter. Today you'll feel worse and start regretting not following the guidelines you were given.

Leos who don't suffer from any chronic illnesses or ailments won't have their best day in terms of physical health either. Some aches and pains will surprise you as you'll have no idea where they're coming from. 

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