Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: February 13th - February 19th, 2023

Gemini, your behavior is wearing out the patience of certain individuals

Gemini, your Weekly Horoscope won't disappoint you. Find out what the Stars have in store for you in the week of love, Valentine's Day arrives accompanied by the Pisces Season!


Gemini, remember this week that others show you a reflection of yourself. In the sentimental sphere, embody the qualities you're looking for in your loved one, only then will you be in a position to attract what you wish for. Remember that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

Hearts will be more receptive to love. Take the opportunity to make your move. The transit of the Stars is moving feminine energy, avoid quick and clumsy speeches.

Be sincere and don't shy away from feelings.

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In the economic aspect, the Stars advise you to save. This week your lack of perseverance will cost you dearly. Changes in decisions require the use of resources, Gemini.

In the season of Pisces that begins, the impulses of the heart could prove treacherous. Get a grip on your strategic thinking. Don't start an adventure only to quit later.

Your mind feeds on stimulation, as you tire of everything quickly. Look for a new approach, rather than starting down another path.


Your Weekly horoscope doesn't beat around the bush. On the work front, change your attitude or else matters may get messy. Your behavior is consuming the patience of others.

You have difficulty following the rules and prefer to go your own way. Remember that your decisions affect your team, Gemini. Your mask doesn't let your feelings show through, which reflects a certain superiority.

The Stars urge you to improve your communication with your teammates and let them get to know you better.


Gemini, in terms of friendship, things are getting interesting. It's time to open up to new experiences and a change of scenery.

Suggest a different plan to your friends, because the reign of feelings begins with Pisces. What if you enjoy an evening at the opera?


This week avoid excesses of all kinds, Gemini. The next few days will involve making important decisions, don't let the consumption of substances cloud your judgment.

Avoid self-medication, if you feel unwell, consult your doctor.