Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 9-15 November 2020: You must enjoy this moment without fear

The magic wand of the goddess of love touches you with its brightness and attracts wonderful emotional moments


Waking up every morning with excitement is something that cannot go unnoticed by you, Gemini. This week begins a unique space of time in which the stars bless with their energy your love life and strengthen your relationships giving harmony and stability.

Many natives come from going through very complex moments when it comes to romantic life, distances, sadness, and disappointments that may have left a mark on their soul difficult to erase. So if you feel you have a lot to work through, don't rush, but don't close the door to love either.

It's time to open yourself to enjoy the affective life in all its splendor. It's time to have the sensuality of Venus in a good cosmic aspect and to start vibrating the energy of passion hidden behind a veil of mental activity and words.

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You shouldn't avoid your responsibilities if you want to advance in your consumption capacity. Many Gemini natives will be trying to start their own commercial businesses and the stars indicate a promising future projection.

For most of Mercury's children, teamwork and business life aren't a problem, and therefore, they will obtain great benefits with minimum effort.

Salesmen, writers, fashion workers and artists have very good astral influences this week that mark the beginning of a new paradigm in the professional field. It's time to start breaking free from restrictive patterns and move towards the success they deserve.

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A week is presented in which the changes on the psychological level continue to bear fruit in Gemini's life.  Many have begun to modify their intimate lives and although games and fun are often the way the children of Mercury use to distract themselves, you may have to deal with a need for meditation and calm to give you space to find yourself.

If you're looking for a change in your appearance it's a good time to start beauty treatments or diets.