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Weekly Horoscope for Gemini for 9 - 15 May 2022

Gemini, act moved by your soul


Gemini, you should go beyond this week. You're making great efforts to open up to those around you.

Stay on that track. The Stars are watching you closely.

Use your witty, fun side. You're absolutely adored for doing that.

Avoid becoming hypocritical when you feel cornered. Request to have time and space of your own.

You set your own pace. You have amazing communicative skills. Don't hesitate to put them into practice.

Let those around you break your shell open. The road inside it leads straight into your heart.


Gemini, be very wary and cautious this week. Financially speaking, the trend running into a standstill keeps going on. It'll improve, but you still have more to go.

The entrance of Mercury retrograde into your sign on the 10th will delay events. Don't lose hope and keep working. Act moved by your soul.

This way, you can't ever be wrong. Go through this dense energy stage with hope up your sleeves.

The light will shine through when you least expect it. It'll shine up in the sky, brighter than ever before.


Your Weekly Horoscope is watching your progress. In terms of your career, you're setting up measures to protect your position.

That's a job well done, Gemini. Don't allow your merits to get stolen. Use your quick intellect to move a step or two ahead.

You're quick with words, so use them as your shield. There are times when your riddles could cover you up to make sure you're progressing.

Scan through your environment. Find those you can truly trust. You don't have to take this path alone.


Gemini, this week you should try to find activities to help you get away. You may find it hard to swallow certain foods.

This is more than likely to be a nervous episode. Choose foods like rice or fish. Take your attention elsewhere.

Think about what would make you happy, and whether your resources are enough to do it. If you're travelling, watch out. Mercury retrograde is ready to play up.

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