The Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 8-14 February 2021: You'll enjoy life with all your senses

An energetic swarm illuminates you from the sign of Aquarius and allows you to enjoy numerous blessings


Sex life, love and a reunion with a person from the past will stir your inner world and a refreshing situation will make you doubt your actions and choices.

Should you have chosen another path? What you didn't choose before has no way back today. You have made a very interesting journey that has given you knowledge about love and coexistence and the time has come to delve into other aspects of your inner world.

Sexuality will be paramount, especially the first days of the week in which you have to take the astral energy in your favor and turn around attitudes that restricted your life and are no longer useful for your openness to love.

Venus will favor the natives of the sign of the twins, especially the natives of the second decan. You'll feel the warmth of love tickle your heart. If you're one of those Geminis who are single, the time has come to enjoy the benefits of your status.

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It's an excellent week regarding the material affairs of the natives of the sign of Gemini who will be living the sparkles that Jupiter in good cosmic aspect radiates in their astral energy.

The gleams of abundance and good fortune will arrive to favor growth and prosperity. You'll need to take this energy that won't last forever and do something with it.

Many natives will be at the finals of a long professional career, receiving well-deserved rewards for their effort and trajectory. Enjoy this long-awaited moment. Everything related to intellectual endeavor will be favored by the action of abundant astral energy in the sign of the air element, Aquarius.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will continue in retrograde motion throughout the week giving you the opportunity to restructure, rearrange and reorganize many of your work or professional matters.


This week it will be very important to take care of the health of your legs.  It's not only important to look good but to feel good and if you feel heaviness in your ankles or swollen thighs, you might be suffering from venous return difficulties. Putting your legs up for a few minutes a day can help but the most important thing is to take your daily walks.

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