Gemini Horoscope Weekly 2020

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 7 - 13 September 2020: Accurate instinct

You will have a very high intuitive level that will help you understand what others feel and think


This week, you'll understand with your heart what the mind cannot decipher, Gemini. You will have to assume your difficulty to share your time and accompany your partner when they want to carry out activities that for you are boring or simply don't arouse any interest in you.

Between Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the stars benefit you with harmonious contacts between the Moon in your sign and your regent, Mercury, who from the sign of Libra favours the communication and lightens the thought offering the possibility of understanding with ease the way of thinking and the ideas of those with whom you try to conciliate. You will be able to make sacrifices in order to show your love and strengthen your bonds.

If you're one of those who are single, take the impulse of this alignment and heed the call of love. Someone young and with skills in the arts or diplomacy is very close to you waiting for you to acknowledge their affection.

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It's a week in which the natives of the Gemini sign must be very astute and give everything to achieve the best results in everything related to trade and sales.

Those who are starting a business project have very good astral energy in their favour. Making contact with someone specialized in e-commerce will lead them to learn about new technologies that can change in an incredible way the positioning of the brand or product within the market.

Natives who are looking for a new job should take the good astral disposition of Thursday and Friday. These days bring positive energy for presentations and interviews.

The perfect day for Gemini sign natives this week is Friday. An astral configuration is given that benefits you as long as you know how to detect the orientation of your destination.

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In general, the natives of your sign have a quiet week as far as health is concerned.  The stars show placid energy that will take you through lanes of well-being and calm.

In the middle of the week, the lunar influence can lead you to suffer from water retention so it will be favourable to drink water and keep yourself moving.