Purple Gemini sign on a dark purple background

Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 7-13 December 2020: Get ready for an unforgettable week

Your romantic life will benefit from the synchronous change you make in your mind and heart


This is an incredible week for the love of many of the natives of the sign of the twins who, under the auspices of solar energy, will see the rebirth of a relationship that seemed lost.

Many natives will feel it's time to settle down, stop wandering, and settle into a romantic bond that can bring more everyday joy and much growth even benefiting material life. Adding your own to that of the one you choose to start a new life with can only bring an increase in all areas.

If you're willing to increase the family, between Thursday and Saturday, the stars boost the energy of love and fertility. Many natives will have the news of being parents for the first time, so there will also be wedding or coexistence plans ahead. All the events can develop with great speed. Get ready for an unforgettable week.

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This is a very prosperous period of time for the natives of the Gemini sign in which many favorable conditions for business can occur as long as they know how to gather from the past the advice or experiences that can provide a guiding light. In no way should you let the past lead you to fear or to conduct your business affairs in the traditional way. Allow the cosmic flow to lead you to a better place in your financial life.

You can begin to develop independently if you're willing to trust your dreams. The best areas of development will be the field of aesthetics and communications. You will feel very enthusiastic.


For this week, the stars indicate a drop in the vital energy of the Gemini natives. Especially those belonging to the second and third decan will vibrate a kind of energetic opposition that will put them in a weak position.

Enough rest will be the best option if you wish to remain vigorous and active. If you're one of those natives who have difficulty sleeping, perhaps you should ask your family doctor to recommend a relaxing herbal tea. There are several herbs that can help you with your sleep.

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