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Gemini Weekly Horoscope for 6 - 12 June 2022

Gemini, don't play hard to get


Gemini, you should start the week with the goal of mending your behaviour. In relationships, you bargain with romantic displays, but watch out, because your partner could grow tired with begging for attention. Deep into your season, the features of your sign will be boosted.

The Stars only show certain tendencies, so remember that you've got free will, and stop hiding behind them to justify immature behaviour. Give the cuddles you want so bad from those around you, and if you're single, don't play hard to get.


Gemini, keep perfecting your future projects this week; there'll be some distorsion in your communication to those around you. However, your inner mind works with the precision of a Swiss watch. Over the next few days, focus on rearranging the pieces of a complex idea you've thought of.

Intellectual challenges will be absolutely rewarding, and curiosity and research will nourish your mental needs. Connect your source of income with the desire in your soul. That way, you won't give up at the slightest chance.


Gemini, your Weekly Horoscope foresees there'll be communication issues; your persuasion powers will be altered over the next few days. Your dual personality expresses either crystal clear ideas or disconnected thoughts, and your narrative could become incoherent. They may not be deep enough to reach the emotions of your audience.

Don't stay stuck in the surface, closing yourself off won't help. Words need to bring parts of your essence. Only then will you make human connections with those around you.


Gemini, you'll be kind of unmotivated this week. You don't seem to find ways to connect with those around you. Find time alone to rebuild your spirits. Listen to classical music and get lost in the pleasure of a good book. Go for it. The week ends at the time when Mercury comes back home on the 13th. Communication will flow naturally again by then.

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